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Watkins Introduces 5 New Extract Flavourings!
#60305 Butter Vanilla
#60383 Chai Tea Flavour
#60304 Cream Cheese
#60382 Maple Bacon
#60303 Red Velvet
Add These to the More Than 25 We Already Have!
Creams and Ointments
  • Warming Balm #32311
  • Cooling Gel #32309
  • Red Liniment #32317
  • Medicated/Oint #36614
  • Petro Carbo Salve #36618

Watkins Creams and Ointments Can be the Effective Relief You are Looking For!
All Natural Personal Care
Check out the All Natural Personal Care Items that Watkins Offers!
  • Hand & Body Lotion
  • Hand Creams with Shea Butter
  • Hand & Body Soaps
  • Body Wash - Daily Moisturizing
Watkins Product List

Liquid or Foaming Hand Soaps 325ML   Price $7.99ea
23051 Lemon            20626 Lemon
23052 Lavender          20627 Lavender
23050 Aloe & Green Tea      20623 Aloe & Green Tea
23037 Neroli and Thyme
23054 Melon
23040 Pure Vanilla Mint      20629 Vanilla Mint
23055 Grapefruit            20622 Grapefruit
23058 Coconut          20628 Coconut
23042 Ocean Breeze    20632 Ocean Breeze

Hand Soap Refills $9.99ea
Aloe & Green Tea

Dish Soaps: $7.49 Limited Qtys
Aloe & Green Tea

Laundry Detergent H/E Powder  $21.95ea Limited Qtys
Our Laundry Detergent is Concentrated with 80+ loads/box
Certified H/E 

We also have many Personal and Health Care products in stock.

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Watkins Introduces New Line of Spices in Jars
These Spices are Now Available to Order! We are Excited to Offer These New Organic Spices in Jars to Our Customers. Watkins has Always Been Known for Having the Highest Quality and Flavour in Their Spices. Insist on Using the Best Spices and Your Cooking Will Come Alive with Goodness!
The Secret to Grandma's Cooking was in the Ingredients! Try our Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, or our Korintje Cassia Cinnamon, or our Black Pepper today and create your own awesome tasting recipes!

We also have many Personal Care items and Time -Tested Products for your good health! Try our Medicated Ointment with menthol and camphor or our Petro Carbo First Aid Salve and check out the benefits for yourself!
#31040 Watkins Cooking Spray
Watkins Cooking Spray is the Perfect Solution to Seasoning your Barbecue Grills. Made from Soy and Canola Oils it has a much higher smoke temperature than conventional sprays or olive oil. Simply spray on clean grills and you are ready to Grill! Watkins Cooking Spray #31040 has an infused buttery taste without adding any fat or calories to your cooking! It also protects your grills from rust and corrosion when not in use making it a "Must Have" for Grilling Enthusiasts. With almost 1600 sprays/can, and its high smoke temperature, it is more economical to use than other products!
Simply the Best
Soup and Gravy Bases
Watkins Soup Bases Features:
  • Concentrated Formula
  •  More than 39C of Soup
  • More Than 19C of Gravy
  • Low Sodium
  • No MSG Added
  • Economical
These Soup Bases are also Great to Use in Other Cooking and Baking as Well.
Try the Chicken Soup in Your Next Cheese Ball! Ask us How?

Watkins Independent Manager Phil Sahlstrom ID #073010
We also supply quality products for use in your home or business. We have tested and true natural products most of which have been certified Natural! If you would like information on these products or are interested in joining our team with your own home based business check out our Business Info Site!

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