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Biobor Diesel Fuel Treatments
We are Stocking the Biobor Products for Diesel Fuel Treatment!
Biobor JF - For Treatment of Algae
Biobor MD - Cleans Your Fuel -  Reduces Soot by up to 94% - Increases Cetane Levels - adds Lubricity for Injectors - Inhibits Corrosion - Stabilizes Fuel
Ship to Shore Products
  • Stops Rust and Corrosion
  • Highly Active Penetrant
  • 40,000V Dielectric
  • Safe for Electronics
  • Dissolves Corrosion on Terminals
Use on Electrical Connections and Other Engine Components for Superior Protection!
Martyr Anodes available in: Zinc - Aluminum - Magnesium Click on Image for Catalog
We can supply a complete range of sacrificial anodes to suit your needs including Zinc, Aluminum, and Magnesium!
3M SS Cleaner and Polish #01019
3M SS Cleaner and Polish is a "Food Grade" Cleaner and Polish! It is perfect for your SS Barbecue or other appliances. It cleans and protects your investment Including the Fingerprints. Use it with our Watkins Cooking Spray #31040 for a complete Cleaning and Maintenance Solution!
BEP Innovative Electrical Systems
We are Your Source for BEP Battery Control Systems!

Parts and Accessories Available for your Boat! Tried and True Products for Everyday Life! 

The Ultimate Marine Flooring for Your Boat!
We are now supplying Deckadence Marine Flooring! This product is the most awesome product for your boat! Move over traditional boat carpeting and give your boat a luxurious and comfortable feel with Deckadence! Made to withstand the harsh environment of a boat deck, this carpet allows water and dirt to pass right through and out your scuppers. As it does not absorb water it is also very easy to clean. We have many different colors to choose from making it the perfect deck covering! Please contact us if you would like a custom carpet for your boat!

- Ask Us About a Custom Doormat for Your Business, Home and/or Your Boat!

VacuFlush Sanitation Systems By Dometic
Vacuflush Waste Sytems by Dometic are available at our North Vancouver Store!
VacuFlush Toilets are the Best in Comfort and Style! They Come in Different Styles and Colours to Suit Most Boats! The 5000 Series is Pictured Here!  Incorporating a Low Use Fresh Water Flush Makes for a Clean & Fresh Just Like Home Boating Experience.  With Holding Tanks a Requirement in Most Areas a Vacuflush System Can be Just What You Need for that Next Boat Trip. Ask About the Complete Vacuum Holding Tank for a Simple Installation.
We are a Certified Vacuflush Service Center and can Supply New Systems as well as Service Parts for your Existing System! We have most of the Service Parts in Stock. Out of Stock Items can be Supplied Next Day or Sooner if  Required
3M Marine Cleaners and Polishes Simply the Best!
3M Marine Reconditioning and Maintenance Manual Click to view 3M Manual
See us for all your Yacht Maintenance Items! Featuring 3m Marine Waxes and Polishes! We have available 3M Rubbing Compound for heavy oxidation. We have 3M Restorer Cleaner/Wax for a one step cleaner and polish for heavily oxidized surfaces. We also have 3M Fibreglass Cleaner/Wax for light to medium oxidized surfaces. After cleaning and compounding , 3M Ultra Performance Paste Wax is our most durable high glow finish to completely protect your boat's hull! We also Have Pure Lambs Wool Compounding Pads for Your Polisher!
Introducing: Magstar Premium Spark Plug Cables - In Stock Now!!!
Magstar Marine Catalog
Magstar Premium Spark Plug Cables are the Professional choice when it comes to keeping your engine at its peak! From the Stainless Steel Mag Wire Induction Core to the Pure Silicon Boots for Maximum Protection the design says Marine Quality all the Way! With coverage for almost any application it is the best choice for the Marine Repair Center or the DIY! The 8MM Red Wire Performs better than most OEM Wires the Engine comes with. Give Your Engine the Best Wires and insist on Magstar for your next Spring Service.
Ancor Marine Grade Electrical
Insist on Using Only Ancor Electrical Products for Your Installation Available at Three Branch Supply! We Stock Ancor Marine Grade Wire in all Conductor Sizes. Ancor Marine Grade Wire is Tinned for Corrosion Resistance. Its Multi Strand Construction with Premium Vinyl Insulation Stays Flexible Even in Extreme Cold Conditions!
It Is Simply the Best Wire You Can Use in Your Boat!
Trust Blue Sea Electrical for Your Next Installation! We Stock a Large Variety of Electrical Installation Accessories From Blue Sea Systems. Including Bus Bars, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Switches, Battery Control Systems. We Can Also Look After Your Custom Order of Blue Sea Products Including 360 Panels.